Time Management Training

Time Management Training

(Half or Full day depending on requirements)

In today’s business environment, success equals effective time management; striking the right balance between work and personal commitments.

This Time Management Training course teaches delegates essential time management skills to ensure success. These skills can be developed and used to focus on job areas that generate the greatest returns.

Following the course, delegates are able to identify time-wasting activities, prioritise efficiently, master self-discipline, and effectively handle interruptions. For highly effective Time Management Training, contact us at Elite Training in Northern Ireland.

Course Content

  • Barriers to good time management
  • Impacts of poor time management
  • Personal reflection: your time management ability
  • Common time-stealers (work-environment specific)
  • Practical benefits of setting goals
  • Employing practical prioritisation techniques: Effort v. Potential, Pareto’s Principle & Eisenhower’s Urgency

Planning for success:

  • Assessing work patterns, recording a ‘time log’, identifying ‘peak times’ & ‘time-stealers’
  • Contingency planning
  • Using time planners e.g. to-do lists
  • Positive thinking

Managing & recording interruptions:

  • Avoiding task switching
  • Designating specific times to avoid interruption
  • Quiet work spaces
  • When to say ‘no’ professionally
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Effective delegation
  • The power of ‘batching’ & effective ’email triage’
  • Managing meetings

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Time Management training course

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