Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills

Becoming More Assertive (1 day)

Assertiveness is one of many communication styles. Understanding the factors behind a chosen communication style helps to develop a greater appreciation for how others perceive you, and how your style can be adapted to handle situations more effectively.

This course is designed for those who struggle to express themselves assertively, including people with passive & aggressive communication styles.

Course Content

Understanding how we communicate:

  • Communication & the communication process

Communication styles & their impact:

  • Recognising factors behind styles – aggressive, passive & submissive, principles of assertive behaviour, how communication styles are perceived by others

Appropriate circumstances for assertiveness:

  • Boundary setting, circumstances requiring assertive behaviour incl. conflict situations


Assertiveness techniques:

  • Techniques for dealing with: emotional reactions, conflict, criticism, & communication blocks

Assertiveness in practice:

  • Clear & concise expression of thoughts & feelings, effects on work-rate performance, dealing with difficult people & situations, saying “no” without feeling guilty, building confidence & self-esteem
  • Our rights & the rights of others, language & assertiveness, body language & assertiveness