Report Writing

Report Writing

(1 day)

Report writing focuses on the articulation of facts, opinions and recommendations. By following a clear set of guidelines, report writing can be greatly improved.

This course addresses common errors in report writing and provides guidance on appropriate writing styles & layouts.

Delivery Mechanisms: Lecturing/Group Discussion/Practical Exercises.

Course Content

  • Report scoping, incl. clarifying objectives and the impact on content & style
  • Data gathering & analysis, incl. data reliability & validity
  • Document layout protocols
  • Correct use of graphics
  • Appropriate writing styles
  • Drafting & structuring executive summaries, introductions, commentaries & conclusions
  • Punctuation & avoiding grammatical errors
  • The 5 C’s of effective communication:
    – Be Clear
    – Be Concise
    Completely address all questions
    – Be factually Correct
    – Write Courteously
  • Appendix material
  • Ethical reporting