Essential Management Skills

Essential Management Skills

Typical Duration:  2 – 3 days recommended

Course Overview

Managers are accountable for the overall efficient and effective running of a functional area within organisational policies and legislative requirements.  Managers, as a result, need to be fully aware of key employment legislation and performance management processes as well as understanding how to deploy various lean processing methodologies to improve operational efficiency and performance.

Specific course objectives

This course will:

  • Provide delegates with a greater understanding of their role & responsibilities Managers;
  • Provide pragmatic approaches to dealing with typical management issues they may face such as addressing poor performance, dealing with conflict etc; and
  • Encourage self-reflection to identify areas for improvement.

Delivery approach:

  • The key learning is “brought to life” using realistic work-related scenarios and exercises
  • Lecturing and use of MS PowerPoint will be kept to a minimum
  • Practical skills development will feature heavily

Sample Content

Module 1: Management Roles & Responsibilities

  • What does effective management involve

  • Management –v- operational responsibilities

  • People management responsibilities

  • Operational / task management responsibilities

Module 2: Creating high performing teams

  • Tuckman’s stage of team development

  • Characteristics of high performing teams

  • Strategies for achieving high performing teams

  • Review of different motivation theories and how these are applied in practical terms in the workplace

  • Management styles and their impact on motivation levels

Module 3: Effective communications

  • Understanding communication styles and how these are perceived by others

  • Chairing effective team meetings

Module 4: Performance Management

  • The  areas of performance to be managed:  Productivity, Quality, Adherence to policies and procedures and Behaviours

  • Key employment legislation

  • The performance management process

  • Conducting performance discussions

  • When to invoke more formal procedures including the statutory disciplinary process

Module 5: Managing Hybrid & Remote Teams

  • Challenges & Benefits of Hybrid & Remote Working
  • Building a culture of trust
  • Managing by objectives and outputs rather than just “clocking hours”
  • Strategies for keeping team members connected and engaged

Module 6: Operational Management Techniques

  • Introduction to key operational improvement tools and techniques including lean processing, statistical process control, Pareto analysis etc

Module 7: Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • The classic and 8D problem solving processes
  • Root Causes Analysis
  • Different levels and types of solutions including: Emergency Response Actions, Interim Corrective Actions and Permanent Corrective Actions

Module 8: Conflict Management

  • Causes of workplace conflict
  • Functional and dysfunctional outcomes of conflict
  • Strategies for reaching agreements to conflict
  • When formal mediation should be considered

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“Thank you for delivering both refresher sessions which I found extremely helpful and provided time out in our busy work environments to evaluate, self reflect and enhance my role – I personally will take away many aspects and various approaches which will assist with my CPD.”

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