Executive Leadership Training

Executive Leadership Training

Executive Leadership Training in Northern Ireland mandates that the following areas are understood and reviewed on a regular basis by the directorate:

  • 3-5 year strategic/corporate plan development, incl. vision & mission statements and corporate values.
  • 1 year business plan development for each business area (in alignment with corporate plan).
  • Business case development for proposed change projects.
  • Leading & implementing change, incl. stakeholder consultation engagement & negotiation.
  • Risk management protocols.
  • Review of corporate governance mechanisms, incl. portfolio management.
  • Leadership styles.

Each of the above areas constitutes a proposed workshop discussion. Our Executive Leadership Training Workshops in Northern Ireland last approximately 3 hours (more details below).

We advise small group and/or 1-1 discussions with the director following each group workshop to discuss practical application to their business area.

Workshop Content

Corporate Planning:

  • The corporate/strategic planning process
  • Contents of a corporate plan
  • Using strategic analysis techniques to inform the planning & decision-making process
  • Articulating thought processes

Business Planning:

  • Business v. corporate plan: Differences
  • Business plan content & structure
  • Appropriate writing styles

Business Case Development:

  • What is a business case?
  • When to develop a business case
  • Business case content
  • Using business cases in planning & decision making

Leading & Implementing Change:

  • Conceptualising a change plan
  • Implementation considerations
  • Selling change & stakeholder management
  • Understanding reactions to change & overcoming barriers

    Risk Management:

    • Positive & negative risks
    • Using risk mitigation strategies
    • Evaluating risk exposure
    • Ongoing risk monitoring at Board Leave

    Corporate Governance Mechanisms incl. Portfolio Management:

    • Using governance mechanisms in a corporate context
    • Using governance mechanisms to remain visible & accountable
    • Maintaining the robustness of governance mechanisms
    • Review of current corporate governance mechanisms

    Leadership Styles:

    • Operational management v. strategic leadership
    • Recent thoughts on leadership styles
    • Adapting your style to the situation & context
    • How leadership & communication styles impact organisational and team cultures
    • Leadership & motivation

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