Managing Difficult People & Situations

Managing Difficult People & Situations

Managing Difficult People & Situations – Communications Training


Professionals across a range of industries frequently encounter challenging interactions with stakeholders. These situations can create problems and require tactful communication and conflict resolution skills to navigate. Our half-day Managing Difficult People & Situations Training in Northern Ireland aims to equip participants with a practical and comprehensive framework for managing these scenarios with professionalism.

Target audience:  Staff who regularly have to deal with difficult stakeholders.

Course aims: The aim of the training is to provide delegates with a set of practical strategies and approaches to effectively manage difficult people and situations.

Specifically, the course will:

  • Promote correct mind-sets and approaches when handling difficult people & situations to achieve positive outcomes and perceptions;
  • Underscore how personal responses either fuel or defuse potentially difficult situations and the need to control own reactions to aggressive and abusive customers;
  • Raise personal confidence and competency levels in selecting and deploying specific strategies to defuse and/or de-escalate emotionally charged situations and people;
  • Re-enforce the need to select & utilise appropriate communication style(s) when dealing with difficult people and situations including when to use calm responses; apologetic and assertive styles; and
  • Build personal resilience levels going forward.

Delivery approach

Heavy focus on practical skills development using work-related scenarios and exercises. Limited use of MS PowerPoint.

Workshop Content

  • Understanding the causes of difficult behaviour
  • Evaluating your responses to difficult people & situations and how this could fuel or de-fuse a difficult situation or angry customer
  • Strategies for developing an empathetic & professional mind-set to managing self and own responses including not taking personal offense.
  • Understanding types of difficult people including “ramblers”, “volcanoes”, “clams”, “compulsive complainers” etc and strategies for successfully handling each type.
  • Essential Communication Skills and Styles including selecting appropriate styles for different situations
  • Effective complaint handling
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Strategies for handling verbal abuse and aggressive communications.
  • Skills practice throughout
  • Course summary

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Managing Difficult People training course

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