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Complaint Handling Training


Customer service staff are required to respond appropriately to a wide category of customer communications ranging from general enquiries, technical queries through to informal and formal complaints. Each category requires different procedural responses as well as the necessary interpersonal and written skills to effectively handling such communications.

When dealing with complaints, it is important to recognise that if handled effectively, most complaints can be resolved informally without the need to be escalated and the formal complaints procedure being invoked. Approaching a complaint with the right attitude and structuring our communications to de-escalate customer annoyance whilst being solution focussed will often result in an amicable outcome. This should be the goal of all customer facing staff.

This course, consequently, aims to;

  • Define the recommended approach to de-escalating complaints and achieving an effective outcome; and
  • Reinforce the importance of all customer facing staff in reducing the number of formal complaints received.

Course Content

  • The role of the customer service agent 
  • Types of customer communications including general enquiries, technical queries, complaints etc 
  • Organisational procedures and policies for handling each type of customer communication 
  • Recognising when a customer is complaining
  • The difference between informal and formal complaint handling
  • Appropriate skills and behaviour when dealing with complainants
    1. Attitude
    2. Behaviour
    3. Communication
  • Responding to customer complaints including drafting written responses
    Approaches for handling difficult customers
  • Techniques for de-escalating customer frustration
  • The 3 strikes approach to managing abusive customers

Skills practice at each stage using a pre-agreed complaint(s).

Delivery Mechanisms

Lecturing/Group Discussion/Case Studies/Practical Exercises

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