Effective Communication

Effective Communication

(1 day recommended)

Communication is key. Whether you give presentations, negotiate with customers, or interact with colleagues on a daily basis, the ability to communicate effectively is vital to achieve success in business.

With understanding and practice, communication skills can be developed and improved.

This course helps participants to develop effective communication skills for business and other areas of life.

Course Content

Understanding the communication process:

  • The communication process, how we communicate; appropriate communication, emotional intelligence; factors which affect communication

Communication basics:

  • Improving communication skills, understanding body language, active listening; questioning

Effective information exchange:

  • Making contact, passing on information, communication channels, written communication

Communication styles and their impact on others:

  • Passive, Aggressive, Passive-aggressive, Assertive, Defensive, Austere, Friendly

Skills Practice:

  • Effective briefing, 1-1 communication, communication in business meetings, reaching an audience, applying effective communication in business, being assertive