Economic Appraisal & Business Case Development Training

Economic Appraisal & Business Case Development

Economic Appraisal & Evaluation using “The Northern Ireland Practical Guide to the Green Book” (DFP, 2003)

NI Public Expenditure amounts to over £10 billion annually. The Northern Ireland Practical Guide to the Green Book (NI Practical Guide) is designed to manage this expenditure by representing current Department of Finance & Personnel (DFP) guidance on the appraisal, evaluation, approval, and management of policies & projects.

Per the Guide, all proposals planning to spend or save public money (including EU funds), or change the use of public resources, require evidence of suitable appraisal, approval, management & evaluation.

We offer a 1-day awareness programme and a 2-day training course that walks delegates through the Guide’s 10 steps.

Economic Appraisals Awareness (1 day)
Participants gain an understanding of the completion & evaluation process in an economic appraisal, and their role in supporting the process.

Conducting Economic Appraisals (2-day practical)
Provides a case-study-based practical review of the 10 steps in an economic appraisal.

Step 1: Explain the strategic context.

Step 2: Establish the need for expenditure.

Step 3: Define objectives & constraints.

Step 4: Identify & describe options.

Step 5: Identify & quantify monetary costs and benefits of options.

Step 6: Assess risks and adjust for optimism bias.

Step 7: Assess non-monetary costs & benefits (incl. New TSN & Equality).

Step 8: Calculate net present values and assess uncertainties.

Step 9: Record proposed arrangements for financing, management, procurement, marketing, monitoring & evaluation.

Step 10: Assess the advantages between options and present the appraisal results & conclusions.

“Best training I have taken throughout my time (5 years) in Schrader Technologies. Highly recommended.”

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