For those managing or running a company, ensuring that your employees are expertly trained is essential practice. Not only can business courses help you and your individual team members, they can also bring a huge return on investment to your company as a whole, with improved management, communication and project handling skills. Here at Elite Training, we provide an extensive range of business courses in Belfast, delivered by our team of experts in their respective fields.

Executive Leadership Training

In every successful company, effective management has to start from the very top. With our Executive Leadership Training course, we can take the directorate of your business through a range of management areas, encompassing long term strategic development, corporate governance mechanisms, and risk management protocols. This business course will provide your team with useful strategic skills that can easily be implemented in your company.

Communications Training

If you’re looking to improve work-based performance, our communications business courses are a great place to start. With each of these training courses, our expert team will provide the opportunity for your staff to learn and perfect a range of skills, including assertiveness, coaching, economic appraisals, and more.

Business Planning Training

For corporate governance to be effective, each organisation should have an effective business plan in place. As part of our range of business courses in Belfast, our Business Planning Training is aimed at middle & senior management teams. Through a practical based approach, delegates are taught how an effective business plan is developed, and shown how to apply their learning to individual contexts.

Enquire About Our Business Courses

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