Sales & Customer Service Training

Elite Training are pleased to be able to supply several courses to improve the sales and customer service skills of your team. Our Sales & Customer Service Training in Belfast include specialist courses for complaint handling, managing difficult people & situations, and much more.

Below you can find our list of effective Sales & Customer Service Training courses in Belfast, as delivered by Elite Training:

Our complaint handling training in Belfast is precisely what it says on the tin. Your company will receive the appropriate training to be able to address customer grievances effectively.

This course involves developing detailed procedures that aim to make customers’ lives easier. It isn’t all about good manners, and our expert team will talk your organisation through several important skills, such as how to diffuse a confrontation.

We teach how to properly fulfil the needs and expectations of your customers and employ strong leadership skills to make sure your staff treat customers with dignity and respect.

Understand the practical steps and strategies to tackle difficult people and situations in our dedicated half-day course.

At Elite Training we teach sales the right way. It isn’t all about ‘natural flare’ or ‘gift of the gab’. To ensure your company fully understand the sales process, book our Sales Training course in Northern Ireland.

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