Communication is a vital aspect of any successful organisation, and communicating correctly and effectively is even more important. Sometimes it can be tough to gauge how to appropriately approach certain situations, especially if they are unexpected or new to you. This is where the range of Communications Training courses here at Elite Training come in. In this blog we will look into just a handful of them.

Assertiveness Skills Training

There can be many instances in the workplace where being assertive is necessary. Despite this many can struggle to communicate assertively in a professional and appropriate manner. Whether individuals have a passive or aggressive form of communication, our Assertiveness Skills Training course can help equip workers with the skills needed to appropriately and effectively communicate assertively, be it with other members of staff or customers.

Conducting Difficult Conversations Training

Having difficult or uncomfortable conversations can be challenging. While often necessary, it can be hard to handle these often emotionally-charged scenarios, which may put workers off tackling the situations all together. This in turn can negatively impact the business or work environment. Our Conducting Difficult Conversations Trainingaims to equip participants with the necessary skills to approach these scenarios with a more pragmatic approach, , negotiating methods, de-escalation responses, and more.

Conducting Interviews Training

Interviewing candidates for positions is an important process, however it can be daunting for those with this responsibility to make sure they are overseeing the process properly and effectively. Our 1 day Conducting Interviews Training course is ideal for workers who have to carry out interviews, whether they’ve done it before or are new to the process. Covering areas such as selecting an interview panel, developing suitable and legal questions, note taking, post-interview requirements, and more.

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