If there is one aspect of customer service that is an absolute necessity, it’s customer care training. Everyone can think of one example of bad customer service and how it impacted their experience, and anybody who has worked in hospitality knows the statistics around how far-reaching just one negative experience can be. That’s why our customer care training in Northern Ireland is focused around achieving pragmatic results at all levels, from understanding the 7 key ingredients for excellent customer care to the unfortunate scenario of managing abusive customers.

Failure to provide a high level of customer care training in Northern Ireland – or wherever your company operates from, results in risking your reputation. Given the unpredictability of how people will deliver customer care without reminders being put in place to guide their behaviour, you could be putting your brand reputation in jeopardy with inaction.

At Elite Training, we provide the unique service of designing bespoke scenarios that fit the industry you operate in so training recipients can learn the right behaviour in situations they would be faced with in reality. A number of practical exercises are devised that show the importance of delivering excellent customer service every time through ‘typical customer interactions’ and discussions where personal and group reflections are incorporated.

Now the landscape of customer service has changed in accordance with evolving expectations, you never know when a secret shopper might be popping in. Social media has empowered the everyday customer to hugely impact your brand reputation so you have to constantly keep on top of your customer service. Luckily, our customer care training in Northern Ireland is on-hand to help.

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