In every business environment, change is an integral element. When a large change within your organisation is approaching, putting a plan in place for managing your team and individual employees is essential. Change Management is a coordinated way of managing any upcoming transitions, ensuring that the resulting change is progressive and beneficial. Here at Elite Training, our Change Management Training course in Northern Ireland is designed to assist managers to implement a structured approach to change, which can help employees to understand and changes in your organisation.

Why Change Management?

With any upcoming changes within a business, managers should always set an example for their employees. By focusing on the people side of change, the likelihood of your project being successful is increased. Embarking on change management training ensures that leaders are managing their team positively, and communicating effectively with their employees. Additionally, managers should be able to understand and anticipate how people react to change, setting in place strategies to overcome barriers and combat ‘change fatigue’. Our training course will help your business to set in place an effective communication plan in order to ‘sell the change’ to personnel.

Change Management Training in Belfast

At Elite Training here in Northern Ireland, our Change Management Training programme – part of our range of management training courses – addresses the process of implementing four main types of change: technological, strategic, structural, and the changing of employee attitudes and behaviours. Over the course of two days, delegates cover a range of topics within change management, including determining the need for change, defining the change ‘programme’, and incremental vs transformational change management approaches. Our expert approach allows participants to adopt a highly practical approach to applying the techniques learnt within the course, which can be taken back to your organisation.

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