The skill of minute taking is incredibly important within every organisation, with minutes acting as an official record of meetings. Because of the public nature of these notes, minute taking should only fall to employees who have had relevant training, ensuring that they have the confidence and skills to create an accurate record. At Elite Training in Northern Ireland, our Minute Taking Training course aims to provide delegates with clear guidance on a range of aspects, including the structure of minutes, appropriate writing styles, amongst other skills.

Make Meetings More Efficient

By enrolling on our Minute Taking Training course in Belfast, you or your employees will be given a complete overview of the art of minute taking – including an insight as to how accurate minutes contribute towards more efficient meetings. Our expert training team will provide delegates with a  host of techniques to implement when preparing agendas, taking notes and writing up minutes. Additionally, a personal development plan for on-going improvement will be created, to ensure that each newly learnt skill can be taken forwards into the workplace.

Increase Minute Taking Skills

Whether you are new to minute taking, or have been taking minutes for several years, continual professional development is essential. Our Minute Taking Training will help you to become a more active listener, determining how to filter vital information during your minute taking routine. Attendance on this course will help you to master the art of minute taking, allowing meetings to be more productive and draft minutes to be completed confidently and quickly.

Enrol Onto Our Minute Taking Training Course

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