As project management methods continue to transform in line with technology and customer expectations, the fundamentals remain the same – to deliver projects within budget, on time and to meet the demands of stakeholders. Offering a clear-cut approach that can be tailored to a wide variety of industries, PRINCE2 continues to be one of the most widely used and popular frameworks for project management across the world. For those looking to invest in a tried and tested approach for their team, here at Elite Training we offer our PRINCE2 courses in Belfast for our clients across Northern Ireland. In this blog, we’ve listed just some of the key benefits to PRINCE2 training for project management:

A Proven Framework for Best Practice

Based on the expertise of project management practitioners, PRINCE2 has been proven time and time again to be successful; backed up by numerous case studies. If you are searching for a practical, yet adaptable framework for project management, look no further than our PRINCE2 training in Belfast.

Adaptable for Different Organisations

The generic methodology found within the PRINCE2 qualification can be applied to projects of any scale, complexity, or industry. At Elite Training, the accredited course materials that we provide for you can be referenced after training, helping you to tailor the framework and create a bespoke project management method for your business.

Common Methodology

During PRINCE2 training, a common language is provided to all delegates, which helps to improve communication between team members and stakeholders in your company. Because the key principles of PRINCE2 can be applied across different projects, practitioners can effectively move between departments and apply the same expertise.

PRINCE2 Courses Northern Ireland

Here at Elite Training in Belfast, we deliver all of our PRINCE2 courses as a bundle together with their respective exam. With their exceptional pass rates, we’re proud to offer both PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Level Courses, as well as PRINCE2 Agile Training to clients from a range of sectors. For more information, contact a member of our team today. Email us at, or call us on +44 28 9024 2622.