For many organisations, sales is the aspect that can have the biggest impact, affecting both overall company performance and profitability. If you’re looking for a way to improve your sales figures, an effective sales training programme can be vital in helping sales personnel to improve their selling skills. At Elite Training in Belfast, we pride ourselves in teaching sales the right way, with our sales training courses including four essential elements that can benefit both individuals and organisations.

  • Mastering Basic Sales Skills

Sales isn’t all about having a natural flair – there are a number of basic processes to understand within the discipline in order to succeed. Regardless of the current level of your team of sales professionals, our sales training includes training on mastering skills such as effective questioning, problem solving, and building relationships.

  • Understanding of the Sales Process

Having a secure and thorough understanding of the selling process is crucial. Our sales courses cover all aspects of this, including creating proposals, closing deals, and delivering a great customer experience.

  • Developing Company Value Propositions

With our courses tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, we can help your team to develop propositions for both your company values and your sold products.

  • Sales Script Development

If your staff require the use of an effective sales script, our sales training in Belfast will help you to develop a comprehensive script that ensures successful customer interactions each time.

Flexible Sales Training Courses

Our approach to sales training means that our courses can be applied to all types of sectors, and adapted to your specific company needs. With the choice between half-day workshops, or 1 & 2-day intensive sales programmes, you can ensure that your team has the right training in order to succeed.

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