Sales Training

Sales Training

Some believe that salespeople have ‘the gift of the gab’. Others believe enthusiasm and confidence are what secures a sale. But if your customer is put off by excessive talking, or cocky charisma, neither of these conceptions hold true.

We at Elite Training teach the right way to sell.

Our sales training programme provides delegates with systematic, clear, and effective guidance for each step of the selling process, from identifying the customers needs, to beginning the cross-selling process & presenting your product/services.

Our approach is applicable to all industries – cars, insurance, software, houses – and across all levels of selling expertise.

Companies who introduce our methodology report significant increases in sales figures.

We offer half-day workshops, and 1 & 2-day intensive training programmes. For maximum results, we’d recommend a series of half-day workshops spread across a couple of weeks.

Course Content

  • Understanding the selling process
  • Developing your product & company value propositions
  • Prospecting methods, incl. cold-calling & referral process development
  • Fact-finding
  • Drafting & presenting quotations/proposals
  • Closing sales & overcoming objections
  • Cross-selling: why and how?
  • Designing & delivering a sales presentation

Sales Script Development

Effective selling is knowing your product and company value propositions; where staff can struggle is in articulating these convincingly to the customer.

Before the course, we can work with customers to familiarise ourselves with your products and services. We then develop sample sales scripts for the staff to use in training workshops. Staff are aided in their understanding of a good sales script, and are coached into articulating what they’ve learned in their own words.

Tele-sales Training

Telesales are very common nowadays. For this reason, the value proposition must be stated early to overcome customer objections and rebuff. Telesales workshops include a critical review of the value proposition used by staff, offering improvement suggestions where necessary, with a strong focus on skills practice.


“Kathleen from Elite Training delivered an intensive sales training course consisting of group and one to one sessions. Kathleen moulded the course around our requirements and the feedback from the sales team was incredibly positive. From these sessions management has been able to implement process improvements which the sales team have readily adopted. I was very happy with the service and professionalism of Kathleen and would not hesitate in recommending Kathleen and Elite Training to other companies.” 

Chris Goldring

Mahlatini Luxury Travel

“Kathleen from Elite Training delivered an excellent training program consisting of class room and on the job coaching for our telesales team. Feedback from the telesales team was very positive as it enabled us to develop a methodical approach to customer calls to bring about improvements to our customer interactions as well as increasing team confidence and performance. Frylite would highly recommend Kathleen and Elite Training to other companies”


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