Strategic Management

Strategic Management

A strategic plan is a blueprint for organisations to achieve their vision. Going beyond aspirations, it provides specifics for the development of business or operational plans.

Agreeing on the vision is often the hardest part, from choosing the course of action, the drivers of change, or how far to plan ahead.

Ideally, this course is delivered when an organisation is currently undergoing the strategic planning process; applied learning produces immediate results.

Business or Operational Planning:

Business or operational plans give a detailed outline of how the strategic objectives that underpin it will be achieved.

Course Content

  • How different types of plans are related
  • Key factors governing plan development
  • Vision creation & articulation
  • Visions & mission statements: Differences
  • Creating the future operating model
  • Change Programme Delivery Plan: development, format, structure, planning & leadership
  • Communication strategy development
  • Programme governance & review mechanisms
  • Maintaining the plan: how, when, & by whom?
  • Implementation considerations, including:
      • Roles & responsibilities
      • Value for money
      • Stakeholder engagement & demand-driven planning
      • Process & policy design
      • Resources & performance management
      • Governance responsibilities
      • Customer-focused service-delivery management
      • Team building & motivation