Throughout our work lives, frequent obstacles are inevitable – whether in the form of projects, budgets, or indeed other people. Like any challenge, dealing with difficult people becomes easier to do if you have an appropriate plan of action to take. With the right training course, you and your employees can gain an insight into challenging behaviour from stakeholders, and become adept at dealing with arising situations. At Elite Training, our Managing Difficult People & Situations course in Belfast aims to provide delegates with a set of practical strategies and approaches in order to do this effectively.

Training to Achieve Positive Outcomes

Being successful within the workplace can often be down to knowing how to deal with those of varying personalities. Whether you are a leader looking to learn useful techniques in managing difficult employees, or a business owner dealing with tricky stakeholders, our training in Managing Difficult People & Situations enables delegates to achieve the correct mind-set in order to achieve positive outcomes. Our experienced tutors will also provide insight on how to control your reactions to aggressive customers, de-escalate emotionally charged situations, and select the appropriate communication style to deal with difficult people.

Work-Related Scenarios & Exercises

Delivered with a weighted approach towards the development of practical skills, our course in managing difficult people and situations is carried out using a range of work-related scenarios and exercises. With skills practise throughout, course content includes understanding types of difficult people, effective complaint handling, essential communication skills, strategies for developing an empathetic mind-set, and conflict resolution strategies. Once confident, delegates will gain personal resilience levels to help them to be successful in the case of future conflict.

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