Within any work environment, developing an effective management strategy is imperative. The best managers are often those who empower their team, getting the best out of them and ensuring that they take ownership of actions. At Elite Training, we offer Coaching Skills Training in Northern Ireland, for managers looking to develop their flair for leadership. This 1-day course provides delegates with a systematic approach to identifying areas for development, as well as effective methods for conducting coaching sessions.

Why is Coaching Skills Training Important?

A lack of training in effective coaching skills can result in lowered staff morale, as employees find difficulty in completing tasks to acceptable standards. Taking the time to train managers in these skills can bring a number of benefits to your company, including a more positive work culture, with increased job satisfaction & motivation, a reduction of time spent managing poor performance, and greater productivity and organisation – with all these components leading to improved staff retention.

Coaching Skills Training for Executives

Here at Elite Training, we understand that busy schedules can sometimes prevent senior management executives from attending business training courses. That’s why our Coaching Training in Belfast can be offered in a flexible manner, including closed courses provided at your business premises in greater Belfast. The course encompasses a range of different coaching styles, which are then applied to various work scenarios. Managers will learn a range of techniques to effectively train their staff, such as how to provide focused feedback, active listening, and achievable goal setting.

Enquire About Coaching Skills Training

For more information about our Coaching Skills Training course, or our plethora of additional business courses, simply contact a member of our Elite Training team today. Call us on +44 28 9024 2622, or alternatively email us at enquiries@elitetraining.com.