Essential Management Skills

Essential Management Skills

3 days recommended. (Short & long programmes available depending on requirements)

This course offers managers an opportunity to develop and apply the concepts and techniques necessary to manage departments and resources effectively.


  • Leadership v. management
  • Business improvement techniques
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Leading & motivating a team
  • Conflict management
  • Understanding & developing workplace relationships

Sample Content

Introduction to leadership:

  • Leadership & management: Definitions
  • Leadership v. management: Differences
  • Leadership & management: incompatible or complementary?
  • Employing leadership v. management skills
  • Leadership styles & approaches, incl. transformational & situational leadership
  • Skills practice: leadership styles & approaches

Business improvement techniques:

  • Why improve?
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: Definitions
  • Eliminating 7 types of waste in operational processes using Lean Processing
  • Total Quality Management
  • Using KANBAN Boards to improve throughput & flow
  • Statistical Process Control in processes

Leading & motivating a team:

  • First-line Management: Roles & Responsibilities
  • Motivation theories: Maslow, Herzberg & McClelland
  • Case study: Application of motivation theories in the workplace

Problem solving & decision making:

  • Problem categories: Potential, Deviation & Improvement
  • The problem-solving process
  • Problem analysis techniques, incl. root cause analysis
  • Solution(s) development & selection methods
  • Solution implementation considerations
  • Monitoring & evaluation

Conflict management:

  • Causes of conflict
  • Functional & dysfunctional outcomes of conflict
  • Stages of conflict
  • Conflict resolution models
  • Skills practice

Understanding & developing workplace relationships:

  • Identifying stakeholders’ needs & expectations
  • Managing unmet expectations for stakeholders
  • Negotiation methods

“Thank you for delivering both refresher sessions which I found extremely helpful and provided time out in our busy work environments to evaluate, self reflect and enhance my role – I personally will take away many aspects and various approaches which will assist with my CPD.”

Wendy McClintock

Branch Manager, Progressive Building Society

“The feedback from the attendees has been extremely positive and complimented how relevant and useful the material covered was. Kathleen’s approach and knowledge were outstanding and related well with the group.”

Edina Group, 2019